The MMPI-II & Collaborative Assessment

The MMPI-II is a psychological test that assesses both personality traits as well as emotional distress and mental illness. It is an empirically based test that generates results based on decades of research done on both healthy and mentally ill people. The MMPI provides a wealth of information about a person's personality as well as their current emotional and psychological state. I work with clients to understand the findings and how they apply to their lives. Traditionally psychological assessments such as the MMPI were used by psychologists to learn about a patient's pathology and the results were rarely shared with the client. Today, psychologists like myself use the the MMPI as an exploratory tool with clients to assist in the development of insight, self-acceptance, and the creation of a roadmap for growth. The MMPI can be used with an individual to further goals in individual therapy or with a couple to help in the development of mutual understanding and growth in the relationship. 


Consultation for Therapists

Often therapists would like to have personality assessment data for their clients, but either do not have the time to conduct an assessment or do not include assessment as a part of their practice. I offer a service in which I will conduct an MMPI for other therapist's client and provide consultation to the therapist based on the results and a feedback session as well as written feedback in the form of a letter to the client. Or if preferred due to time or cost, I can simply provide a written summary with treatment suggestions to the therapist. This can be a good option in complex or difficult cases, in instances where therapy has reached a roadblock, as well as cases in which time with the client will be limited and the therapist needs to get to the heart of the matter quickly.


Consultation for Companies

I provide assistance with hiring for companies interested in making sure that their new hires are the right personality fit for the position and the company culture. A new hire may have the skills needed, but without the right temperament  and personality traits they may not succeed in the position. As most managers well know, a new hire that does not work out is an expensive misstep. I use an interview with the candidate as well as a variety of assessment tools to provide recommendations.