I see therapy as a collaborative partnership in which my clients and I work together to ease emotional suffering, overcome relationship issues, heal from trauma, and build a meaningful and purposeful life. My style is direct, compassionate, and intuitive; and my mission is to create a comfortable and safe space in which my clients feel heard and understood. I believe that through making an investment in oneself with psychotherapy, the necessary tools for living a satisfying life can be learned, and sustained change can be achieved. 



Personality Assessment & Consultation

I provide clinical testing services for individuals and couples looking for a better understanding of their personality characteristics, strengths, and relationship dynamics. I also provide consultation for therapists who are seeking diagnostic clarification and insight about their clients. I utilize the MMPI-II and other assessments to provide information on personality and relationship functioning. 




Is Psychotherapy for You?

  • Do You Struggle To Keep An Even Mood?
  • Is It Hard For You To Feel Good About Yourself?
  • Does Anxiety Interfere With Your Ability To Live The Life You Want?
  • Are Painful Past Events Interfering With Your Present?
  • Are You Having Trouble In Relationships?


Could You Benefit From Personality Assessment? 

  • Would You Like To Better Understand Your Strengths and Vulnerabilities Better?
  • Do You and Your Spouse Want a Better Understanding of Each Other and Your Relationship?
  • Therapists: Would Diagnostic Clarification and Therapeutic Suggestions Help With A Client?