I see therapy as a collaborative partnership in which my clients and I work together to ease emotional suffering, overcome relationship issues, heal from trauma, and build a meaningful and purposeful life. My style is direct, compassionate, and intuitive; and my mission is to create a comfortable and safe space in which my clients feel heard and understood. I believe that through making an investment in oneself with psychotherapy, the necessary tools for living a satisfying life can be learned, and sustained change can be achieved. 

Personality Assessment & Psychological Consultation

I provide clinical testing services for individuals and couples looking for a better understanding of their personality characteristics, strengths, and relationship dynamics. I also provide consultation for therapists who are seeking diagnostic clarification and insight about their clients. I utilize the MMPI-II and other assessments to provide information on personality and relationship functioning. 

Organizational Improvement

Organizations of various kinds utilize my services to make hiring decisions and to train executives and employees in building & maintaining client relationships.

  • To optimize hiring decisions I utilize personality assessments and train interviewers to construct interviews that assess for proper fit in terms of personality and temperament.
  • I utilize research based Emotional Intelligence Training to help professionals create and maintain better client relationships. 










Is Psychotherapy for You?

  • Do You Struggle To Keep An Even Mood?
  • Is It Hard For You To Feel Good About Yourself?
  • Does Anxiety Interfere With Your Ability To Live The Life You Want?
  • Are Painful Past Events Interfering With Your Present?
  • Are You Having Trouble In Relationships?

Could You Benefit From Personality Assessment? 

  • Would You Like To Better Understand Your Strengths and Vulnerabilities Better?
  • Do You and Your Spouse Want a Better Understanding of Each Other and Your Relationship?
  • Therapists: Would Diagnostic Clarification and Therapeutic Suggestions Help With A Client?

Could Your Organization Benefit From Consultation & Training?

  • Has your organization struggled with finding the right cultural fit?
  • Have some hires, despite technical competence, lacked the right temperament for success in your organization?
  • Do you find that despite providing a great service, some professionals in your organization have trouble keeping clients happy?
  • Would professionals in your organization benefit from learning better skills for maintaining client relationships long term?